Posted: Nov 11, 2014 4:02 am
by scott1328
The_Metatron wrote:My dog has a cancer mass that will kill her. I can pay $1100 and maybe extend her life another two to twelve months. This is a first world problem.

Or, I could give that $1100 to some random kid with cancer.

Ethics dictates my dog should not get that money.

This is fucking with me. I like my dog very much.

Can the pain from the arthritis be managed?

Will surgery to remove the mass impose other risks on the dog's health?

What is the dog's disposition? Is she alert? Does she seem happy? Is she suffering?

Where is the tumor? What are the risks of surgery? What can you expect post-op?

In 2011, I was faced with these decisions very unexpectedly with my border collie Zeke. I have related that experience on this forum before. For me, it was a question of quality of life for my dog. If I had thought surgery would have restored him to good health at the age of 12, I would have doled out the money to remove the tumor that was blocking his digestive track. Considerations of the ethics of the situation focused on what was best for my dog.