Posted: Nov 13, 2014 6:16 am
by TMB
Sendraks wrote:
DarthHelmet86 wrote:If the size arguments hold valid then it would seem that men will never be able to live as long as women on average unless the size average is also brought closer together.

Given the age gap in the UK has narrowed from six to four years in last three decades, I'm confident that this can be made smaller still. They may never be 100% equal, but if the gap is brought down to a year's difference, this would be a) a huge achievement and b) certainly reduce any perceived inequalities/advantages/disadvantages.

On what basis are you confident that the gap can be reduced to just 1 year. In an earlier post you were talking about gaps of 10-20 years, you have misinterpreted how life expectancy is calculated. I am not sensing much expertise in these areas from you.