Posted: Nov 13, 2014 10:43 am
by Sendraks
TMB wrote:This is not how life expectancy is measured.

Instead of making fatuous claims, why don't you present your alternative measures for how life expectancy is measured.
I've provided data from reliable sources. Where is yours?

TMB wrote:You suggesting that life somehow allows advantage to be gained, but I se life as an end in itself as long as it has quality but I se life as an end in itself as long as it has quality. If you are not alive you have no opportunity whatever unless you believe in life after death. I do not see that there is a difference in the latter years of either gender in terms of the degrading quality of life, illness as they approach the end. Since this is the case, we can assume that women will generally get more years where the quality is OK.

I concur that quality of life is important, which is why I provided the data on healthy years of life (a significant measure of quality. Did you look at that?

TMB wrote:You are also arguing that when your loved ones die, it is worse for the one left alive.

Yes, I believe that to be the case, whether the living partner is male or female.

TMB wrote:If we assume that dead people do not suffer as do the living,

There is no assumption here. We know that dead people do not suffer.

TMB wrote: if life was so bad for these'victims ' of war they would end their lives.

Some people do end their lives. Others struggle and carry on, eventually making their lives better again. Others live on in misery. To simply conclude that the latter group should just "kill themselves" shows a woeful lack of understanding of the mental health issues which can drive someone to suicide.