Posted: Nov 13, 2014 11:43 am
by Thommo
Fallible wrote:I think this is an instance of someone being so desperate to not admit they are wrong that they begin to make clearly counter-factual 'arguments'. 'If we assume that dead people do not suffer as do the living'? One thing which would appear to be rather beyond dispute unless you believe in life after death is that the dead experience nothing at all, be that pleasure or pain. Quite clearly then, the living experience more suffering by virtue of the fact that the dead do not experience at all, and it is therefore worse for the one left alive when a loved one dies, simply because the loved one no longer 'is', and the one left behind is suffering.

Well no, most living people prefer life, so it is definitely not beyond dispute. I haven't seen anyone even define suffering and something like "net balance of pleasure and pain" would certainly not be particularly unreasonable. Particularly if one is to base a comparison of better or "worse" upon it. :scratch: