Posted: Nov 14, 2014 1:09 am
by TMB
DarthHelmet86 wrote:How do the dead suffer like the living?

It is pretty clear that the living do suffer and that loss of a partner is a devastating experience that can lead to many long years of suffering. With some people killing themselves to end it. Others fight through it for all kinds of reasons and to claim because they are doing that they must not be suffering is stupid.

I have made no claims the living do not suffer, because they certainly do, and for some it is more suffering than they can bear so they end it. For people who have no hope of recovery, who are suffering pain, and have no quality of life we sometimes offer palliative care just to mitigate the suffering. A some stage a high proportion of these that can still focus, they would rather be dead. You appear to be reading something into my posts that Inhave not said.