Posted: Nov 14, 2014 1:27 am
by TMB
Sendraks wrote:
Thommo wrote: it doesn't establish that this is what TMB meant, does it?

One might as well try to catch a ghost as attempt to TMB down to a specific meaning.

Sure as hell my meanings have been distorted by some idiotic and disturbing assumptions. I do not believe the dead suffer. I do believe the living suffer and can suffer greatly. My point is that it has been said that we have a deep and abiding desire not to be dead. This means that deth by its nature should be measured as the least ideal outcome, and for this reason any measure of advantage needs to acknowledge this. I would say the value of life diminishes with age, so death of the young and vital is a greater loss than the death of an aged, sick person. I will get back and clean up the rest of the irrational scepticism later.