Posted: Nov 14, 2014 11:01 am
by TMB
DarthHelmet86 wrote:Men having shorter lives is a problem, I haven't seen anyone here say it wasn't a problem. Or anyone here argue that because women live longer that they suffer more and are worse off. TMB is the only one beating that strawman and assigning it to other people.

No idea where you came up with this. Just like you do in the next paragraph people are putting words in my mouth.

DarthHelmet86 wrote:
TMB has said that because people who survive after their partner dies (in this case men who die in military service) do not kill themselves then they are not really suffering or real victims.

I have not said either that surviving partners, mothers, sisters etc do not suffer, or are not victims. How is it possible for you to read this into my posts? The question is simple. Do we think the dead soldiers are in a better place than they leave alive, don't forget to include the soldiers that might have taken hours or weeks to die from their wounds. Neither party is in a good place but I am betting that most people would rather be alive than dead.

DarthHelmet86 wrote:So thus men suffer more by having a shorter life span even though military service is only a part of that. Men dying in conflict is hardly a feminist issue, I suspect most people here who say they are feminists or not would like to see women able to serve alongside men in combat roles.

I think this is a political idea. Even in non lethal but still dangerous jobs women do not seem to be voting with their feet to get into the sort of dangerous jobs usually undertaken by men. Like women are allowed to box or do MMA, in realityt it does not sem to appeal to women as much as it does not men. I accept there is cultural pressure for women not to do these things, but culture reflects who men and women are.

DarthHelmet86 wrote:
This isn't out of some desire to ensure that more women die but instead just to ensure the women who would like to join the military are capable of trying it.

Do you imagine the 18 old boys going off to war thought they were gong to die? What a joke. They were going to seek glory, the reality of death was not clear to a bunch of ignorant, idealistic kids. If they knew they would be rotting in the trenches following unimaginable fear and horror of war, they might not have been so quick to enlist.

DarthHelmet86 wrote:Of course TMB has before said something that sounded a lot like he thought women would be incapable of filling the military combat role. So lets clear that up, who hear thinks that women should be able to join the military? And who here thinks that men having shorter lives (on average) is a problem that some amount of time should be spent on fixing as much as possible?

In general compared to men, the ability to kill and be killed seems to apply more to men, in civilian life as well as in war. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We do see female suicide bombers and we have front line women in some western militia. The test will be when they are dying in the same numbers as men are. The physical tests for Australian military are lower for women than for men. Does this tell you they have confidence in their 'equal' ability. Will I be told that like in tennis and athletics, because they have different physiology, they should only be allowed to fight other women in the enemy army?