Posted: Nov 14, 2014 11:24 am
by Sendraks
TMB wrote:
Do you imagine the 18 old boys going off to war thought they were gong to die? What a joke. They were going to seek glory, the reality of death was not clear to a bunch of ignorant, idealistic kids. If they knew they would be rotting in the trenches following unimaginable fear and horror of war, they might not have been so quick to enlist.

What prompts you to write such offensive bullshit?
Yes, we all get that teens do have something of an immortality complex, but the armed forces of the western world do take plains to explain to their recruits what being a soldier entails. It is made clear when a soldier signs up, what the worst possible outcome for them is. A professional military wants their soldiers to be fully conversant in the risks they face, as this makes them more effective soldiers and reduces casualties.

Any military outfit which does not give its recruits a full understanding of what combat entails is clearly not a professional force.

TMB wrote:
The physical tests for Australian military are lower for women than for men. Does this tell you they have confidence in their 'equal' ability.

Does the Australian military allow women to fill the same rolls as men? If not, it makes no sense that the physical tests should be equal.

If yes, then I'd say the Australian military is dropping the ball in terms of assessing the physical fitness of their frontline troops.