Posted: Nov 17, 2014 12:06 am
by TMB
DarthHelmet86 wrote:The Australian military is only just allowing women into combat roles, it is supposed to be allowed fully by 2016 and was announced in 2013. I looked up the difference in entrance test for males and women and there is a difference. Women are asked to do less push ups, that is it everything else is the same.

Bottom of that page lists the entrance tests. And that is all they are, tests to see that the person meets a base level of fitness. Once they are in the military it is a different ball game. Reading some news reports it says that originally women were given more time on internal tests after being inside the actual military. But that has changed and they are now expected to pass under the same conditions as men.

The one area women are still not allowed to apply is special forces units, but that is said to be cleared up sometimes in 2014. Most women will fail to join the SAS or Commandos and I can say this with absolute certainty that no matter how tough and fit they are they will fail. Because most men fail as well only the best of the best pass and plenty of the fittest men are broken by the tests in place for those roles in mere days, mainly because the tests are designed to break people without the mental willpower to preform under extreme duress. Some women will manage to pass those tests just like some men do.

Once again TMB is speaking bullshit. Because not enough women, according to him, sign up women must not be suited for it. It is nothing but a catch 22, if they don't sign up it is because they would never pass if they do pass then there aren't enough of them doing it to really count.

Two of my kids are doing the military selection into AUD armed forces, at an interview its clear they do not expect many females to end up on the front line. The initial entry shows they recognise the different physiology, especially in upper body strength

Just like things like Wimbledon and the Olympics and most sport/athletic pursuits, you might get a single woman in every top 100 males. Unless they set up a different combat force so that women can only fight women on the other side, you will get an exception every now and then. Despite the less personal nature of combat in modern wars, there is still plenty confronting ugliness in war, I just dont think women will take the combat aspect in any numbers.

As for Sendraks view of the army making sure the soldiers know exactly what they are letting themselves in for, this is idealistic. Its not possible at entrance time to convey what it will be like in a muddy trench with a bullet in the guts. Training will give a better idea, but at that point they have mostly broken down the individual and rebuilt an obedient killing machine.