Posted: Nov 17, 2014 6:21 am
by DarthHelmet86
No one cares what you think, women are doing it (and the fact that there is still a culture of women not being capable is part of why the Aus military is being forced to shape up). They are in the US military and are doing fine in combat roles. They faced resistance and still do from people unable to accept that women are capable of doing the job. But there they are doing it. The same thing is happening in the Australian military, the culture is still being broken down people are still stuck with the idea that women wont or can't do the frontline combat work. They are wrong and will be shown to be wrong. And once again the intro physical tests are only to judge base fitness, once you are in the military you must pass the same tests and women are able to do that.

Also it is totally possible at the interview part to express the risk of life, I should know I did it and they explained it very very well. Even to the point of the Corporal talking to me about how joining at that time would mean I would most likely be sent to Iraq. The military does not train soldiers to be killing machines either, but that is just more bollocks that you will leave sitting there.