Posted: Nov 17, 2014 11:22 am
by TMB
Fallible wrote:However there are lots of jobs in which ''ugliness' or traumatic sights are involved, such as police officer, nurse, doctor or paramedic, all of which women manage to 'deal with' to the same extent that men do.

Women are certainly more engaged in these activities, however the ugliness in military, police, firefighting and other dangerous activities is different to medicine due to the direct risks involved. In military terms the casualty rate is 2.5% women from these current US military figures,

The police figures are 10% women, however this is still just 1 female in 10. ... -assaulted

The figures in other high risk activities are similar and ths is quantified by the lower life expectancy than women because they engage in more high risk behavior than women do.

Only exceptional women del with this the way many men do. These roles are not the rule for women at this stage.