Posted: Nov 18, 2014 11:50 am
by TMB
Sendraks wrote:
TMB wrote:If you were open to the idea I think you could easily argue a case for males having a biological propensity to engage in high risky behaviors of this this particular type, relative to females.

I'm sure you could, indeed I've already intimated that such a propensity might exist. The extent to which that is more of a factor over various other social factors is much harder to determine. Without a sizeable amount of research material at your disposal, all that can be offered is your conjecture and given that is tainted by your very obvious bias, I'm not convinced you can pursue this logically.

TMB wrote: Note that getting pregnant is a high risk activity of a different type.

Yes and because it is of a different type, it is not a comparator with men engaging in "extreme sports" or other such activities.

TMB wrote:Gender equality is about opportunity and outcomes, that allow us to measure how each gender fares.

Equality is about treating people the same in spite of their differences.
Equality is also about recognising that people are different and sometimes these differences have to be accommodated.

I realise that you want equality to mean something different, because that is the crux of your argument. I would suggest that if you want to discuss equality policy and legislation and have a logical debate about it, you start another thread. No logical discussion can take place as long as you're trying to drag everything down to your illogical lowest common denominator of trying to demonise women.

TMB wrote:If men are better equipped to be soldiers, or athletes or sports,en, or firemen, they might be getting exploited to take advantage of these abilities without getting equal redress.

That is a matter for their employers then, yes?
After all, being a soldier is a decidedly higher risk activity than being a premier league footballer, but the former gets paid decidedly less. Then inequality in pay there has NOTHING to do with a gender issue at all. If you're so concerned about men in high risk roles getting fairly recompensed for what they do, then you're barking up the wrong tree implying that women are the problem.

So lets see how many worthwhile discussions could we be having in other threads which I've suggested you start. Issues you claim to care about.

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