Posted: Nov 18, 2014 12:00 pm
by Sendraks
TMB wrote:I do I just don't think that things get addressed by wishful thinking and underestimating the nature of the problem offering simplistic and unrealistic positions like the one I responded to achieves very little.

No one is suggesting that such things get addressed through wishful thinking. Perhaps, if you were genuinely interested in how such problems might be resolved, you'd be prepared to discuss them. Instead you persist in trying to pin the blame for such problems on women in any way you can?

TMB wrote: It also achieves very little when you cherry pick my posts and chuck in another red herring.

There is no red herring in suggesting that in order to tackle many of the problems which men face, the behaviour of men needs to change. This is neither naïve nor simplistic. Understanding the levers which can drive behaviour change is a complex issue and very worthy of discussion by anyone who genuinely cared about such issues.