Posted: Nov 18, 2014 12:10 pm
by TMB
Sendraks wrote:
TMB wrote: She notes hat despite the fact she did not pass the physical test, just as the other women have not, she still considers that it might be due to lack of adequate training, and with the right training they might be able to match men. This has no basis in fact, depending upon where you set the standard around physical tests or capability of this type, men will perform better than women.

What she is saying that if women train harder, they might be able to pass the test.
Basically she's saying women need to train harder than men to match men.


Read it again, she definitely is not saying. She specifically says that because of the dual standards imposed upon women and men, women are expected and expect to perform lower. She says that if the same standards were imposed from the beginning in the marines and, it seems, in life in general, women would then meet the standard. Except this is not borne out by experience in things like athletics where an absolute metric of time/distance exists. Women train just as hard as men to sprint, jump, shot putt etc and the standards are different. I would imagine that if women were measured by the same standard as men all he way through, it would simply eliminate more women at each stage in the process.