Posted: Nov 18, 2014 12:32 pm
by Sendraks
TMB wrote:Read it again, she definitely is not saying.

She is definitely saying that she thinks if women train hard enough they can build the necessary strength.

TMB wrote:She specifically says that because of the dual standards imposed upon women and men, women are expected and expect to perform lower. She says that if the same standards were imposed from the beginning in the marines and, it seems, in life in general, women would then meet the standard.

Yes she is saying that and this seems to be a perfectly logical conclusion to reach. She is saying that if the same standards were imposed, women might be able to reach the IFC requirements.

TMB wrote:Except this is not borne out by experience in things like athletics where an absolute metric of time/distance exists.

This is both illogical and invalid for the issue in question.
There is a specific bar of performance which candidates are expected to meet in order to qualify for the IFC. The bar is a fixed point of performance, the testers are not looking for the "fastest" or "strongest" performers, only those that can meet the criteria.

If the IFC criteria were to test all the recruits and only pick the 10 who were fastest and strongest, I agree that it is unlikely that any women would make the cut. As it stands, that is not how a performance metric works.