Posted: Nov 19, 2014 12:22 am
by TMB
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:
Sendraks wrote:
Thommo wrote:Do you actually want them? There are loads.

Well the ideal would be for TMB to post them. He's the expert after all.

He's already given us the "Wimminz work less (and are paid less for the work they do and, as a result, are dependent on the voluntary generosity of men. Such privilege, being a dependent.)

Rachel, earlier in the thread where you explained that your contribution was equal to your partners because despite you earning the lower wage, you had to work longer hours than he to get your lower wage, because you contributed the SAME % of the lower wage, this was equal contribution?! Then because not only was your partner a better breadwinner in less time, but he used his extra time to do more chores, and you put the whole scenario forward as equitable.

After an argument like yours, you sure have a nerve throwing stones at me.