Posted: Dec 10, 2014 12:17 pm
by I'm With Stupid
Anyway, let's put this debate into perspective. Absolutely everything we're talking about is irrelevant in the study. Here are some other countries on the Prosperity and Equality list:

10th place: Malaysia - illegal to be gay, women second class citizens in many areas of life.
11th place: Zambia - widespread discrimination of homosexuals, harassment from police (despite arguably not being illegal), massive gender divide in secondary education.
12th place: Botswana - illegal to be gay
15th place: Armenia - widespread discrimination against gay people, and no legal protection.
18th place: Kenya - illegal to be gay, widespread violence against gay people, limited educational opportunities and property rights for women, FGM widespread.
32nd place: Sudan - 88% of women subjected to FGM, illegal to be gay, just 31% of women work.
43rd place: Saudi Arabia - why even bother?

All of these countries are apparently more equal than Iceland (101st), Italy (65th), Portugal (61st), the USA (53rd) or Spain (49th).

So to be honest, I think exactly how much influence the Catholic church still has is pretty irrelevant, when countries that practice female genital mutilation and prison for homosexuality are getting in the top 20.