Posted: Feb 25, 2015 11:37 pm
by Nostalgia
Scot Dutchy wrote:Where's Mac?

He works in a hotel overlooking the loch.


Sorry. Two months late to this...

Yeah, I work in a hotel a stones throw (literally) away from the shores of Loch (not LOCK!) Ness. But long before I started working directly within the Highland Tourism industry it was made clear that no matter what my own personal belief in Nessie was that when asked by a tourist about it I should pretend to believe in her. Okay, it was made clear to me with a bit of the tongue in the cheek, but us Highlanders are aware of precisely how much we owe The Loch Ness Monster. Yes, this part of thee world is absolutely gorgeous, but so are many parts of the world. The reason a million people a year from outside Scotland come to the Loch is because of the myth.

Just a head up to anyone wanting to come to this part of Scotland - Don't go to Loch Ness. Firstly, I can't be fucked serving you a beer, but more importantly it's horribly commercialised. The Loch itself is impressive because of it's size, but there are many more prettier scenes here-abouts. If you really want to view the largest body of water in the UK, then go to the very bottom in Fort Augustus. Nice little village and nowhere near the amount of cheap touristy made-in-China crap in its shops, and the view up the loch/Great Glen is pretty breathtaking.

Jerome Da Gnome wrote:The only scientific argument against was not enough food source in the loch. That argument wasn't convincing as we don't know what they eat.

It doesn't matter what "they" eat. Unless it's rocks and pebbles there's not enough food in the loch.

Jerome Da Gnome wrote:Seriously, why couldn't a flock (what do you call a bird/dino/whale transition grouping?) have survived there for vast generations?
We have found living presumed extinct millions of years ago fossils.

Many reasons.

20,000 years ago the entire loch was under several miles of ice, for one.

THWOTH wrote: wrote:

This image, taken by an Apple map satellite, depicts a shadowy form of around 100 feet in length with something akin to flippers in the water of the Loch Ness. The image has been studied for six months by experts at the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, the Club has concluded the shadow is most probably the Loch Ness Monster. This sighting is the first reported in 18 months, the longest that Nessie has been missing since 1925. ... years.html


Heh. That's the wake from one of the tourist ships that sail the loch everyday. Linky.