Posted: Mar 22, 2015 5:23 pm
by Steve
I would expand education to include what I will call personal growth. My thinking is that there is nothing wrong with the world, but there is a shit ton wrong with the human population and how they see themselves in the world. Like Hack I loathe dogma. I don't object to mistakes or flaws or weakness. These things are relative and moving targets. Dogma locks them in place and refuses to adapt to the inevitable changes. Science works by exploring and testing what we think we know, challenging it. I want to see the same happen for how people see themselves in the world - that each take a skeptical view of themselves and test themselves to see if they can't be just a little kinder. This doesn't mean being nice - getting in front of ignorance and trying to save the ignorant is not a nice process. But it is kind.

I don't really care what political process you use, or what policies, as much as I think people need to learn they never stop learning, that their specialness is only meaningful if they can help others including those who aren't humans.