Posted: Nov 05, 2015 7:17 am
by Username010011
By do dreams have a meaning I mean a subconcious, psychological meaning, not a mystical interpretation meaning. I know i'll get a few biased answers on a site called rationalskeptics, but if anyone is willing to give a unbiased answer, thank you. Anyway what do you think? I read dreams dont have a deeper meaning and it was an idea brought up Sigmund Frued. I also read dreams are the brain way of processing information. Apparently humans remember everything they see from their day life(subconciously) and process it in their sleep where they dream of it. Now that honestly sounds more reasonable to me than a dream being a sign of something, I think this because, almost always when I think of something in my day life, I have a dream linked to whatever I thought about, like the object (an example) would appear in my dream even if it isnt a big role. Is there any proof that the theory I believe in is true? Could dreams be trying to tell you of a psychological problem (like repressed desires) you might have? Or they just a result of thoughts you had in you're waking life? Also if you have sex with a guy in a lucid dream(in which you are aware you are dreaming) could it be a sign towards you're sexuality? What if you were only slightly aware? I dont know how this forum works so I dont know how im meant to write or the answers I am expecting if I have said something wrong or offensive just tell me nicely as I have been on other forums where I had people insulting me. Anways thanks a lot, and im looking forward to hearing from you. :crazy: