Posted: Nov 06, 2015 6:54 am
by Username010011
This isnt supposed to be a debate, Im looking for solid-ish answers. I have been lucid-ish dreaming a lot more than usual lately. I dont know how I compare to other people but I did not many have lucid dreams before. But I got HOCD and I usually try to remember what I dream and mostly do. So I was wondering if dreams do have meaning because my dreams are somewhat recurring in a way. The dreams arent simillar in terms of what happens but it always somehow involves a male person (non-sexual way) who I might know, more like seen around. Usually its anyone who I think I might have feelings for. This guy who I once thought I had a crush on (due to my hocd), I had a non sexual (as far as I can remember) dream about where I called him for some reason the rest I dont remember. I also had a dream where I accepted I was gay but it felt forced and uncomfortable and I felt like I was lying to myself. I had another dream just now actually where these zombies where breaking into my room and one started touching my privates and I thought I dont care if its a guy and then thought ew and woke up. The dream wasnt EXACTLY lucid but I could think to myself, and I dont think I was aware its a dream but at ONLY CERTAIN TIMES, I could control my body for like 2 seconds. I also have violent dreams once in a while. Most female sexual dreams I have involve rape, and only had a maximum of 8 gay sex dreams but I can only think of 2 but I think I had like 4 -5, how many have you had and are my numbers normal? Are my dreams a result of repressed desires or are they things from my waking life. I am familliar with Frueds idea of repressed desires and all that but I think dreams are a result of thing from our waking life, for example I didnt think of the guy I thought I had a crush on, in a while but I remember him and suddenly I have a dream where I talk to him. Something like that<<<<<<<<happened way too many times to be a coincidence. But I didnt think of rape so where does the rape thing come from. Most of my dreams are linked to my waking life but only a couple arent and those are what scares me. ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS I ASKED, I REPEAT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS I ASKED, I cant stress that enough please PLEASE answer any questions I asked I always tend to get half-assed answers.

P.S Pardon the caps lock it was supposed to be like that so it catches your eye and for effect :grin: So could my dreams mean something? Do dreams have meanings or give signs of repressed desires? OR are they as a result of our waking life. Thanks a lot and sorry if I came off as rude im talking about the last part to be more specific