Posted: Nov 06, 2015 9:11 am
by Rumraket
My own dreams are always nonsensical, bordering on crazy.

I had a dream where a friend of mine and I were hiding in the backyard of a strange house at night because we wanted to steal glowing green and orange fishing line from some boxes they had in the backyard. I have no idea why, that's just what I dreamt.

The people living in the house was a large korean family, and they'd occasionally come out of the house and "patrol" the surroundings. In my dream, it was raining and muddy in the backyard, and we constantly had to be on the lookout for patrolling koreans. We make it up close to the house, take some rolles of fishing line and then we get spotted by the koreans and then I wake up.

Is there any meaning to this? No. It's brain-gibberish. A random and nonsensical mix of ideas, memories, concepts and experiences cobbled together in some "scenario" that plays out in your head.

In another dream, I'm on a train traveling from Copenhagen to Aarhus. I have to pee a lot in this dream and end up peeing in my pants while on the train, so I go to "the shower" which suddenly exists as a single dedicated shower-car.
So I'm standing in the shower in the shower-car, naked, washing pee out of my pants, and then a lot of girls come in and start laughing and pointing at me. So I try to act cool while standing there naked, washing pee out of my pants while calmly explaining the situation to them and then the dream suddenly skips to the train arriving at Aarhus. But there is no trainstation, and the entire city is gone. There's just a lot of jumbled traintracks with trains driving on them all over the place. As I walk out the train I was with, I notice that it is being pulled by a rack of blue iron bars on 4 wheels (I can't even describe how nonsensical this construction is so I made a drawing), from which a hollow glass-sphere is suspended in mid-air, containing the driver of the train. Then the dream ends and I wake up.


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