Posted: Nov 06, 2015 9:26 am
by Fallible
Yeah, dreams have meaning. They mean your brain works and perhaps that you give certain things significance. So if you have HOCD, you clearly already have lots and lots and lots of thoughts about sexuality. Lots of people, probably approaching all, dream about unsavoury things, or have such thoughts flash through their minds when they're awake. It's 'normal'. The thing with you is you attach a certain special significance to sexual or sexuality dreams or thoughts. I'd forget about Freud if I were you.

And nope, I'll answer what I want how I want. The people here aren't here to assuage your anxieties. All that will do is make it worse - now you can come to this thread and read and read and read about your obsession. Your post comes across as coming from someone who might need to either calm down a bit and wake up properly, or go and see someone about the HOCD.