Posted: Nov 08, 2015 10:22 am
by Username010011
Does anyone really know what dreams are? All I have heard are theories. Obviously some theories are more believable than others. I believe that dreams are what we see in our day life being processed. I keep having recurrent(in a way) dreams. I never had these dreams before but have been getting them almost on a daily basis. The only thing that changed is, I keep worrying about my sexuality (a mental condition), I dont know why I have these dreams because now I am sure of my sexuality but I still have the obession over it. I usually have dreams which are sometimes lucid ,sometimes not, and I usually do something sexual and gay and have a feeling of giving in to my (fake) sexuality. I dont know how to exactly describe it but here goes, I feel as though I stopped faking my sexuality and gave in to my true-side, but when I do that it doesnt feel normal and feels forced, when I wake up I think why the fuck was I gay in my dream and what the hell did I think. In real life, I dont like guys in anyway, and when I say I dont like guys it doesnt feel forced. I dont want to live my life with a guy, not because of anyone else but because I dont like it. Could the feeling in my dream mean something in my waking life? I believe in dreams not having meanings, but if I experience a feeling or thought does it mean something? I think its because I always repeatedly say in my day life "no I dont like guys that disgusting" but in my dream im not bothered saying that and just go along with it hence the giving in feeling. Im sorry if I offended you or if you're looking for scientific debates and what not, but if you came by this please give and answer a small one will do. Thanks a lot