Posted: Dec 24, 2015 10:58 am
by Nicko
OlivierK wrote:Either they're going to grow out of it, as every generation grows out of the idealistic bullshit they were attached to in college, or they'll end up in politics. The best result is for the ideals to survive the loss of the idealism, but if they don't manage that, then they'll probably become run-of-the-mill Republican voters.

The article Pulsar linked to is not describing "idealism".

It's bullying, plain and simple. The prevailing culture at Michigan identified Omar Mahmood as an "acceptable target": someone who could be attacked with impunity. The bullies reacted accordingly, just as bullies did when racial minorities or homosexuals were "acceptable targets".

Though I do agree that these people would probably be just as at home hurling right-wing rubbish as left-wing rubbish.