Posted: Dec 25, 2015 3:32 am
by proudfootz
thaesofereode wrote:Okay. Couldn't even bring myself to read the entire thread.

This is what college is FOR -- exposure to others, to conflict, to vigorous debate, having to defend your position, to cope, to stretch your mind, to grow a spine, to try to see other points of view even if you disagree, to grow up, to get a grip, to get over yourself, to broaden your world view, to be FORCED to broaden your world view, get your "bubble burst," to find out that about SOME things, your parents were right, but that YOU can form your own opinions, to realize that life's unfair, to discover who you are, to acquire some flexibility, agility, tolerance, and knowledge; to learn about others and who THEY are.

It's a fucking education -- beyond books and coddling and misconceptions.


So why does everyone want to coddle the bigots? :scratch: