Posted: Mar 10, 2016 11:57 am
by Exstinctum
kiore wrote:
Macdoc wrote:
There's something I have noticed about the elderly, especially approaching that age - they are not obligated to follow any normal social rules or norms, really follow any pretense of any sorts, rather just can be and most people will never say a single word. I find it quite fascinating, actually. Perhaps it's smelling death around the corner what makes you completely abandon the feeling that you should just blindly follow any such norms or even be concerned about the society thinking of you in a particular way, positive or not, as a concept. I have never met a single person that age who would even hesitate to tell me exactly what they think, and I do have enormous respect for something like that.

Death around the corner????!!!!!! Elderly !!!! surely you jest

68 riding motorcycle off road and on and travelling the world.....60s is middle age these days....both parents got to still driving and alert.

Not a thought about death around the corner.....aches and pains....yes that's annoying but then there is Celebrex.
Elderly is 80+ and even then some are still out riding mcycles and doing incredible stuff.

People in this 60s age bracket do tend to speak their minds as I think their confidence in having had a "good life" ( even if there are ups and downs ) is pretty high and they've refined their approach to certain "embedded wisdom" from life experience.

Let's us get past the minor stuff that often younger people obsess on.

I agree here although you have a serious head start on me, I specialize in the field of population health and 'middle age' is now what would have been considered not long ago to be elderly, now for most people in the developed world that title elderly is reserved for those who are debilitated. If approaching 70 means you have financial security for yourself and your significant others, have to work less, and are concerned less about fighting tooth and nail in some organizational structure.. then yes no surprise.

Where I'm from, the average life expectancy of males is 68 years and for women 78 years. That's not even the point. I look at it more like the age when people retire and that accounts for a lot of the freedom I'm implying. You can do what you want and when you want it, you don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing or being seen in a negative light, since you don't rely upon having a job and have secured wealth and family. People certainly will treat you with more respect and be less critical precisely because you have lived a long life and have witnessed a lot.

68 riding motorcycle off road and on and travelling the world.....60s is middle age these days....both parents got to still driving and alert.

Not sure what these anecdotal examples are supposed to demonstrate, but it's certainly not a reality for the vast majority of people. As you reach that age, you notice that your memory becomes weaker, instincts slower, stamina declines and all sorts of ailments begin to let themselves known. I would find it very hard to imagine that with it doesn't come at least philosophical contemplation about the end, a thought of getting all your affairs in order before it's too late. Clearly, in my context ''smelling death'' meant that after you reach that age, you have crossed the middle line and now are heading for the finish line, which is something that no one would ignore and with that realization perspective does change. Don't see why it would be so hard to deduce.