Posted: Mar 11, 2016 5:02 am
by don't get me started
laklak wrote:There are concrete steps you can take to improve your quality of life - eating better, less alcohol, more exercise, REGULAR DENTAL CHECKUPS (you can't overemphasize this), etc. All these are important, but I think the most effective thing is staying busy and engaged with the world. I don't care what it is: photography, work, volunteering, sports, motorcycles, trawlers, doesn't matter as long as in engages you both physically and mentally. I'm busier now than I've been in years, there's always one project or another.

Spot on laklak, especially the keeping engaged with the world, and especially keeping engaged with people. I see a few of my contemporaries who have already slipped into the curmudgeon mindset. Everything is a pain in the arse for them, people are only ever annoying to them. I'm lucky in my job in that my co-workers and colleagues and are all pretty smart people (Ph.D's are the norm), but are also socially accomplished as well.
Going out for dinner with my mates and cronies can involve drunken, profanity laden anecdotes and savage piss-taking, but also prolonged and in-depth academic discussions on all manner of topics.
Not only that, but I am constantly surrounded by young people (my students) and I find them consistently invigorating. Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Some in my profession regard their students as a nuisance and a bore, a distraction from their (solipsistic) research. Not me. I gain valuable insights from the questions that my students pose and they keep me on my toes always.