Posted: Mar 11, 2016 6:49 pm
by Exstinctum
Macdoc wrote:Very good post and something that some here aren't quite getting .....if you are in a mixed group with various ages there is liitle sense of age other than when subjects like moon landings arise and they understand you saw that live, or bought the first Beatles record. But you are peers in your mindset and joie de vie.

You feel more experienced, in some sense wiser, the real kids - under thirties we tend to envy their energy and enthusiasm but rarely their youth.

Hell there was a 103 year old on Antiques Road Show and while body showed the ravages of time...she was sharp as a tack and thoroughly enjoying her few minutes of fame as her lovely painting of her as gorgeous 21 year old was on display.
Excellent glint in her eye and smile and laughter.

curmudgeon mindset.

Great phrase age requirement as can be seen regularly on this forum. :coffee:

I'm starting to suspect that you have some kind of a fetish for the elderly. No one is saying that simply because you arrive at that age you can no longer do anything aside from sleeping in bed, napping and pooping in diapers. They are old, that's a biological fact. You trying to rephrase it or apply different terminologies doesn't change that fact. Further more, why it is a bad thing? I have not seen a single post saying that if you're above 60 you somehow become worthless and a burden. You're arguing against things that have never been said, which is annoying.