Posted: Mar 11, 2016 7:09 pm
by Exstinctum
laklak wrote:Pub culture is a great leveler, everybody at the bar, talking shit, without reference to age. I think it's a dying culture, though. Certainly is in the States, the local pub has been replaced by specialty clubs and wine bars. The days of having a pint and a natter with the neighbors is pretty much over. Shame. We do have one or two left in the area, I am known in most.

That's actually a curious point. Never thought of it before, but it's the case here as well. I quite clearly can remember visiting bars as a virgin and I would see old timers around and mixed groups of folk sharing a drink. It has gotten a bit more specialized indeed, what I see these days are bars for hipsters, people who listen to metal, the sweets and places where the elderly go. I do find that to be a shame, since I quite enjoyed my time back then.