Posted: Jul 18, 2016 8:18 pm
by SkyMutt
I think that, like all primates, humans are a naturally curious species. I'm not aware of anything contradicting that idea, but maybe you are. I don't know that conservatives are any less curious than any other group of people. What we have in these studies appears to be evidence of conservatives displaying a disinterest in a particular source of information. There is no evidence that they display the same disinterest in all other sources of information. In fact, it seems that they're somewhat more interested than liberals in getting information from a source or sources that tend to be agreeable to their orientation. Perhaps they don't see scientific data as a neutral source. It's possible that they're less interested in a neutral source.

At any rate the results of a previous study seem to tie into this one. Perhaps the greater sensitivity to negative stimuli works to counteract their curiosity.