Posted: Oct 07, 2016 3:15 pm
by Doubtdispelled
pelfdaddy wrote:
In the many problematic areas that include male and female interaction, can no one think of alternatives to the received liberal wisdom that women constitute a threat? Really?


Doubtdispelled wrote:
pelfdaddy wrote:It's a fun question to think about really............................

[snip the bit about the perceived 'threat' coming from the men 'in power', because they are traditionally the ones who seem to feel the most threatened :lol: ]

But the OP is not even talking about primitive cultures. The question seems to be along the lines of, why do modern men in our own relatively advanced culture perceive women to be a threat? Thousands of paragraphs could be spent in the exploration of "why" men sometimes resist what women would think of as an even playing field, but I just don't think that "threat" is a part of it.

Oooh, I for one would like to see some of these paragraphs, the ones which demonstrate a total lack any kind of perceived 'threat' as a reason for such resistance. Should make for really interesting, and possibly enlightening, reading.

pelfdaddy wrote:
An inability to list many other sources of the problem having nothing to do with a perceived threat seems to be a result of not trying very hard.

You write as though it wouldn't be hard for you though, so off you go.


The onus really is on you to prove your point. Why are you trying to get others to do it for you?

Could it possibly be because you got nothin'?