Posted: Oct 07, 2016 3:40 pm
by Fallible
pelfdaddy wrote:I hope I am not perceived as negligent for tossing a grenade and diving for cover. I am at work right now, and cannot quickly respond to multiple comments. I do wish to address a couple of things, though:

I am not arguing from incredulity. I said I thought the premise was simply mistaken, and then added the comment that I have no idea what feeling threatened by a woman would be like. I just do not see it as a real thing.

That isn't what you said. You said 'this phenomenon does not exist', and the evidence you provided for this claim was that you have never met a man who is threatened by women, and you cannot imagine what that would be like. You made a clear claim about the existence of a phenomenon based on nothing but your disbelief that it exists. This is a classic argument from incredulity, or appeal to ignorance - something is not so because you have not seen it, or cannot see how it could happen.

And I did not say that the concept was invented in the seventies, only that it seems to have been repeated since that time, so often that it has become scripture for many. By scripture, I mean: receive liberal wisdom.

In the many problematic areas that include male and female interaction, can no one think of alternatives to the received liberal wisdom that women constitute a threat? Really?

This is a straw man argument. No one has tried to claim that there are no alternatives. It is true that there are alternatives, but this still leaves you with the work of showing that because there are alternatives, the phenomenon does not exist.