Posted: Oct 07, 2016 4:19 pm
by tuco
I'm With Stupid wrote:So how do you account for behaviour like deliberately attacking women's football purely on the grounds that it's played by women?

I dunno .. idiocy? Idiots are everywhere.

From OP:

This is just two days after I read the comments on a story about women's football, with a large number of people angry that it's even being covered as a news story (bear in mind it was the game that won them the league, not just some random game).

How many people is that? 10? 20? 500?

Then you got story about 2? Czech/Sparta footballers. During the same match Zbrojovka fans shouted Pražský kurvy, Pražský kurvy! Prague cunts, Prague cunts! oh wait it was during hockey match between Prague and Brno. How do we explain this, you know.

Attacking women .. your thesis seems to be: men need their own spaces. Alright, it could be so. Men attacking women are either idiots or criminals or both. Attacking women is not, and probably never was, society wide phenomenon. From where I sit, you are cooking out of water. Misogyny in video-games .. idiots are everywhere, and they tend to be loud. For me end of story.