Posted: Nov 30, 2016 9:46 am
by archibald
the_5th_ape, like adults and babies, children think the uglier you are, the less trustworthy you are.

Or equally, the other way around, that the less trustworthy someone seems, the less attractive they seem, because I don't think the study showed which preceded the other.

I suspect that the word 'trustworthy' and the word 'attractive' have overlapping meanings. They are just words, after all, and have fuzzy boundaries. In that sense, it might not be surprising that we might mix them up. Both questions might be seen as asking much the same thing, do you like or not like this face?

I did think it was interesting that girls seemed to be slightly more consistent than boys, the suggestion being that they are better, or at least more consistent, visual decoders.

The full paper is here:

An example of two trustworthiness judgment trials.: