Posted: Dec 14, 2016 9:55 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
The_Metatron wrote:
SafeAsMilk wrote:
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The_Metatron wrote:Here's another go, Thomas.

Of these two objects, which can you simply ignore if you wish, and which will stop you regardless of your decision?



Are you beginning to get it yet?

If the stop sign prevented people from ignoring them, we would have no need of the barricade, would we?

If a person wants to get through, the barricade won't stop them either. And yet, somehow despite your assertions, stop signs DO stop people the vast majority of the time! But I guess we should throw people who enjoy thinking about running the stop sign in prison, right?

Are you beginning to get how fucking stupid your analogies are yet?

You aren't getting it, either.

People stop themselves at intersections controlled by stop signs.

Those wedge barricades? Here you go:

One thing prevents continuing, the other asks the driver not to continue.

Still baselessly asserting that prevention can only apply to physical obstacles.