Posted: Dec 14, 2016 10:04 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
The_Metatron wrote:I have to admit I'm surprised at the demonstrated lack of understanding of the concept of prevention. I wonder if this is a product of environment.

It's a product of you insisting your idiosyncratic usage of the term is the only real TM definition.
In the broadest sense, prevention applies to anything that stops something from occuring.
Including personal ethics, empathy and/or neurological disorders.

The_Metatron wrote:I've been frequently exposed to environments that do not tolerate certain actions. Nuclear missile systems, for example. The technical orders that prescribe various maintenance procedures tell you what to do and what not to do.

But, it's the lockouts that prevent the catastrophic results possible if the guy performing the procedure fails to adhere to the technical order.

It's one thing to tell a kid not to play with my guns. That tells them what behavior is acceptable or not. But, it's my positive actions of using a safe to which they have no access that prevents them from blowing their heads off with one.

For the umpteenth time.
Empathy not moral rules or explanations.

The_Metatron wrote:Yeah, that's a good example of the concept. Establishing the expected standard of behavior is not preventive.

It's also an incredibly disengenuous straw-man after I've repeatedly pointed out to yout its about empathy not social pressure, consensus or moral rules.

The_Metatron wrote:To prevent something is to make it so it cannot happen.

If I empathize with other people, I don't want to hurt them. Meaning I am prevented from forcing myself on them sexually, or otherwise, because it I could not bear to do it.

The_Metatron wrote:Regardless of the decision of the person trying to make it happen.

Except, again, it's not a decision, it's mentally impossible to conciously make that decision in the first place.

You can continue to ignore these points as much as you want, it will only demonstrate you won't engage on this topic with any degree of rationality.