Posted: Dec 14, 2016 10:09 pm
by PensivePenny
Skinny Puppy wrote:
SafeAsMilk wrote:
Skinny Puppy wrote:Just wondering... :scratch:

You’re a mom and dad with 2 kids. Your next-door neighbour is a known pedophile; however, he has (up to this point) never, ever acted on his urges and states that he never will.

Come Friday you and the Mrs want to go to a movie... can’t find a babysitter. But hey, the next-door neighbour offers to look after your kids for you. And, since he really is a nice guy he also says he’d like to take them to the park on Saturday to give the two of you a break and after the park he’s wants to take them swimming at the local lake.

Now I’d like to know (names please) how many here will take him up on his offer.

Yes I would

No I wouldn’t
1 Skinny Puppy

Basically nobody. So, shoot them in the face, right?

That’s not what I said or implied. My point is that up until now they are 100% innocent, but they do present a very real (or potential) threat to your kids regardless of innocence. Is that fair? Fair doesn’t count when talking about keeping one’s kiddies safe.

Well, that has kinda been the argument here. What if that neighbor fantasized about your child while masturbating? Would that be cause for retribution? You can keep your kids safe, respect a man who abstains from improper behavior that would affect your children, and refuse to leave him alone with the kids.

I've invited drug addicts into my home. I just hide my scripts. Same with my wallet. I keep it close if there's a thief around.