Posted: Dec 14, 2016 10:13 pm
by The_Metatron
Thomas, you ascribe to empathy much more than it deserves.

You ever slaughter an animal? With your bare hands?

You think that animal enjoys it? Or, do you think it does what it can to protect its own life?

Do you further think that stops the butcher from slaughtering the animal?

I've killed plenty of animals to eat them. Hundreds. I knew perfectly well their fear. I sure wouldn't have wanted what I was about to do to them to be done to me.

But, I did it anyway. Lots of times. I did it as quickly and cleanly as I could, but I did it anyway.

That empathy prevented nothing. Even in its presence, I made a decision to act.

As an aside, if you eat meat, you do also. Every time.

If I had to kill animals to sustain my family now, I would do it. The animals wouldn't like it, and I would be perfectly aware that they don't, but I'd do it anyway.

So much for the power of your precious empathy.