Posted: Dec 15, 2016 6:52 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
The_Metatron wrote:
Unless, of course, the possibility exists that pedophiles, as a group, are as likely to act on their orientation as any other differently oriented group.

Which keeps disengenuously conflating having an attraction and acting on it.
Again, humans aren't rabbits. We don't try to fuck anyone and everyone we find attractive.

The_Metatron wrote:We keep coming around to this, you and Thomas keep trying to convince that this isn't the case. Yet, you produce no reason why this should be so, excepting Thomas' ridiculous dependence on the forebearance of empathy.

You mean unlike your repeated blind assertions?
Not to mention that you've yet to adress the article I posted earlier that points out that empathy is indeed a strong inhibitor for harmful behaviour?
The hypocricy and close-mindedness you display in this discussion is both disappointing and silly.

The_Metatron wrote: I've given both of you a good example of how far empathy goes in limiting behavior.

Where, which post exactly? Because I can't find it.

The_Metatron wrote: But that spawns another question:

In our modern world, acting on pedophilia involves taking that which the pedophile doesn't have (and cannot obtain) permission to take. Very much like rape of adults, taking what one has no permission to take.

You two have harped on and on how the empathy felt by pedophiles limits their behavior. What about the empathy felt by groups of other sexual orientation? Does their empathy for others not suffice to limit their behavior?


The_Metatron wrote: We know for a cold, hard, fact it does not.

No, we don't. You keep blindly asserting that.

The_Metatron wrote:So, here's a question for you empathy experts: Why not?

I don't have to, nor can answer counterfactual hypotheticals.

The_Metatron wrote:You'd like us to believe that pedophiles have ironclad empathy driven behavior limiters.

Stop with the fucking straw-manning.
We're pointing out to you that being a paedophiles doesn't automatically make you a psychopath.

The_Metatron wrote:Why should they have any more of this magic stuff than any group of another sexual orientation?

Why do you keep throwing out dishonest straw-men?
Why do you keep conflating sexual attraction/drive with sexual action?