Posted: Dec 15, 2016 7:10 pm
by The_Metatron
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
The_Metatron wrote:Thomas, you ascribe to empathy much more than it deserves.

So you assert but fail to demonstrate.

Really? How does this do?

Thomas Eshuis wrote:...

I've repeatedly pointed out to you that it is empathy not social consensus, that can prevent paedophiles from abusing children.

Just like it prevents most people from raping adults or otherwise hurting them.

Thomas Eshuis wrote:Note: I am not saying that all humans experience empathy and to the same degree.

Now you say this. After how many pages? Well, that's nice.
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
The_Metatron wrote:You ever slaughter an animal? With your bare hands?


The_Metatron wrote:You think that animal enjoys it?


The_Metatron wrote: Or, do you think it does what it can to protect its own life?

Do you further think that stops the butcher from slaughtering the animal?

Do you think this non-sequitur analogy is going to convince me anymore than the several you've already posted?

The_Metatron wrote:I've killed plenty of animals to eat them. Hundreds. I knew perfectly well their fear. I sure wouldn't have wanted what I was about to do to them to be done to me.

But, I did it anyway. Lots of times. I did it as quickly and cleanly as I could, but I did it anyway.

That empathy prevented nothing. Even in its presence, I made a decision to act.

And how many women have you had sex with against their will?

The_Metatron wrote:As an aside, if you eat meat, you do also. Every time.

Except that I derive no pleasure from their death.

Well, that's nice, too. But, you don't lose a lot of sleep over it, either. Once more, we are discovering your limits to the power of empathy to limit behavior.

Thomas Eshuis wrote:And I am trying to limit if not stop my meat and other animal product consumption.
So, how many women have you had sex with against their will?

The_Metatron wrote:If I had to kill animals to sustain my family now, I would do it.

Sure, because survival is completely analogous to rape. :roll:

The motivation for the behavior has no bearing on this illustration. It is to show that your precious empathy has its limits. It isn't unbreakable. It is not a preventative.

Thomas Eshuis wrote:
The_Metatron wrote: The animals wouldn't like it, and I would be perfectly aware that they don't, but I'd do it anyway.

So much for the power of your precious empathy.

All you've managed to do is present yet another severly flawed analogy and ignored the fact that the vast majority of people do not rape or commit most other crimes because they are aware it would hurt others.

That's right. Most don't. But, some do.

Back to the million dollar question:

Are you suggesting that pedophiles limit their own behavior (driven by empathy, if you like), more effectively and more commonly than non-pedophiles?