Posted: Dec 16, 2016 8:56 am
by Thomas Eshuis
jamest wrote:It's very frustrating to view this debate. On the one hand you have the view that people with abhorrent mindsets should be murdered. On the other, the view seems to be that abhorrent mindsets are okay unless acted upon.

No James, that's not at all the debate.
On the other hand the view is that an abhorent mindset as uncontrollable but not automatically harmful to anyone outside those who experience them. Ergo they should not be persecuted for it.
That's not saying the thoughts are ok.

jamest wrote:
I don't want to be controversial, but for me personally (and I have a 10 year-old daughter) the paranoia surrounding paedophilia is utterly extreme. I mean, think about it, Eric Pepke has been given an 8 year prison sentence (I think) for looking at pictures. Not for trying to have sex with a child, nor even having sex with a child. I mean, if you put this example into any other criminal context, it simply doesn't make sense. 8 years, for looking at photos? C'mon, seriously. This is the 21st century equivalent of The Inquisition, in my opinion, or of the communist McCarthy witch-hunts. It's that fucking ridiculous.

As several people have pointed out, it's not the looking at the pictures, why we deem it criminal, it's the production which requires actual child exploit- and molestation. If there are no people looking for this type of pornography, there's no point in producing it either. By actively looking for such images you are feeding an industry that abuses children.

jamest wrote:
The Metatron implies that we're better-off leaving our kids with people who will kill anyone whose views are abhorrent. If I'm sure of anything here, that view is the sickest thing I've ever heard. Ever. But, because of this please don't get the incorrect impression that I'm okay with Eric wanting to look at pictures of children for the sake of his own sexual fantasies.

Of course not.

jamest wrote:
The hardest thing in the world these days is to make a considered stand against paedophilia witch-hunting. The hardest thing in the world for paedophilia witch-hunters to understand, is that they've lost the plot.