Posted: Jan 09, 2017 9:21 pm
by SpeedOfSound
Keep It Real wrote:
SpeedOfSound wrote:So why wouldn't you be friends with a pedophile? If it's an incurable birth condition then we have a handicapped individual and I see no reason to stand in judgement. If it is, as I think, an addictive paraphilia concerning forbidden things, then it's a condition or sickness and again I see no reason to judge.

Every paedophile I've come across acts like they think there's nothing wrong with paedophilia. I think they're monstrous because of this opinion - it gives me the creeps, and I am not friends with the horrors.

Here you illustrate another problem with our reasoning in general. If you watch enough Law&Order SUV and Nancy Face you start to think you know things. I have never met a pedophile. I talked to one guy as part of a research project that did ten years for making out with an eleven year old. And yes, he creeped me the fuck out due his lack of feeling that he did anything wrong. But then he had just done ten years and was living in a shack in Florida and couldn't get a job due his crime. So I kind of took his bitterness with a grain of salt.

What I did not do is project his personality onto knowledge of an entire class of people as a result of a twenty minute phone call.