Posted: Jan 09, 2017 9:30 pm
by Fallible
Keep It Real wrote:
PensivePenny wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:imo Fallible and Thomas Eshuis, you're paedophilia enablers, both of you. You say they think paedophilia is deeply wrong, yet they do it anyway. They need be disabused of this notion. You should be sanctioned by the board admin.

My emphasis above. Do you know what an enabler is? An enabler "authorizes" one with some ability. Assuming that ability is pedophilia, you are in essence giving them the control to decide their actions. How the hell do you square that with your belief that we have no control over our actions? No one can enable anyone if you believe man has no control over his actions. Selective determinism? Wishy washy determinism? Pick a side... you can't play for both teams.

They are behaving unethically imo. Providing an environmental influence which says "it's ok to be a paedophile". They didn't decide this course of action; they are merely misguided. or do you take issue with the word misguided perchance?

'You are misguided, my child, but worry not. I will show you the way to righteousness'. OK, Vicar. :lol:

I'm sure anything you advise from your lofty position of having exchanged a few pixels with as many as two whole possible paedophiles must be right.