Posted: Jan 12, 2017 9:28 pm
by The_Metatron
Thomas Eshuis wrote:...

The_Metatron wrote: Unless you're asserting that the prevalence of pedophilia among those 30 men who taught me is something different than 1.7%? You're going to have to support that, aren't you?

No, I am saying I am skeptical of that claim.
And even if I was, you have just as much a burden to demonstrate that they are, since you have made that assertion.

What assertion? That those male teachers were men? I have supported the prevalence of pedophiles among men. If you think the prevalence of pedophilia among teachers who are men is dramatically different than that of men as a group, this is your claim to support.

In the absence of any evidence indicating otherwise, no good reason exists to think that prevalence is at all significantly different.

Thomas Eshuis wrote:And I'll ask you again to stop assuming I am posting with malicious intent. I get that this might be a difficult subject, but discussing it is not going to get any better when we get distracted with personalised sniping and suspicions.