Posted: Mar 22, 2018 5:03 pm
by minininja
purplerat wrote:
minininja wrote:
purplerat wrote:
Animavore wrote:Bitcoin could be illegal because it contains references, links, to child pornography in its blockchain which makes it against the law to store in many countries. ... ornography

Whether you think Bitcoin is a viable currency or not I think this highlights potential issues with making data illegal.

I think it more highlights issues with a system to which anyone can contribute and in which all contributions are necessarily permanent and universal.

You mean like the internet?

No, not at all. Certainly with the internet anyone can contribute, but content can be deleted, servers can be shut down, and even if someone somewhere decides to keep and host their own copy of some particular bit of information, everyone who uses the internet is not required to host everything that's ever been on it, locally.