Posted: Apr 12, 2018 2:53 pm
by Thommo
I'm pretty sure there is a practical limit on how many people the planet can sustain at anything like the kind of quality of life we currently demand in the developed world. I'm also pretty sure we're catastrophically past that point. There is nothing we can do that wouldn't be the most horrendous genocide the world has ever seen and that's almost certainly a far worse option.

Fortunately for us it's probably about 50 years before the first large chunk of the non renewables start to become severely depleted, but I'm not sure I'd fancy living in the generation of our grandchildren or great grandchildren (not that I have any children and this is a prime reason for it).

Just imagine how cross they'll be with us when they find out how we just chucked away our plastics, used electronics, and burnt all the fossil fuels (damaging the climate in the process) while depleting economically viable extraction of everything from indium and aluminium to oil and coal. Not to mention all those species we ate, hunted and fished out to extinction.

Probably best to make an exit before then. And be sure to recycle along the way, especially your computer.