Posted: Apr 16, 2018 6:58 pm
TopCat wrote:
THWOTH wrote:
TopCat wrote:The population is well over 7 billion now and we're already verging on completely fucked.

It's hardly reassuring that it's only going to go up by another 50%.
The video shows that we can understand the limits of population growth. With that knowledge then the issue becomes focused on whether we're actually capable or inclined to plan accordingly. It's clearly true that we're capable, so the question is why are we not inclined to do so.

Understanding the demography is nowhere near enough to understand how to solve the the problem of 11 billion people all with a high enough standard of living to not want more than two kids per family.

We'd need to also understand how to reduce our consumption per capita by enough for 11 billion people to live sustainably on a small blue dot.

That is a much bigger problem.

Well, understanding the mathematical limits of population growth is not a solution to resource shortage, but it at leasts takes the sting out of the oft-trotted out assumption that population growth is unstoppably linear and exponential. I'd agree that consumption, by which I mean resource use, is a difficult and knotty matter to unravel and address, and it's only one of many difficult knotty issues all competing for our attention. As I hinted, planning ahead in light of what we already know (about resource levels, consumption, energy, food production, etc) is key here, so we have to look to why we as societies are seemingly reluctant to embark upon this kind of long-term analysis and implementation. We all know what we could to about global warming for example, and yet we're neither intellectually, emotionally, and/or politically ready to put it into practice. I think we're reluctant to address these kinds of issues because we're told that it means having less today so that other people can have more in the future, and that just doesn't seem quite fair. By my lights, throwing one's hands up and hoping we'll be dead before the shit really hits the fan is no fairer either, it just shifts the responsibility onto others further up the line.