Posted: Sep 04, 2019 3:49 pm
by Blackadder
I am certainly no uncritical fan of Dawkins but I don't agree with the comment about the God Delusion.

It equates "new" atheists with racism and Islamophobia, without any attempt to differentiate those who claim the right to be publicly critical of religious ideas from those who just use that as a cover for their racism and bigotry. This is is either lazy or disingenuous, and I think I can guess which of those this lady is. This is just a slightly more nuanced version of the classic Guardian tactic of shutting down criticism of Islam with an immediate jump to labelling it as Islamphobia.

Freedom of speech cuts both ways. I see many Guardian writers (including this one), happily making bigoted and sweeping generalisations about white males but getting all hand wringingly weepy when someone makes critical statements about the prevailing attitudes of British Muslims, for example. Neither of these is particularly helpful or illuminating, but a little less hypocricy from these Guardian writers would not go amiss.