Posted: Sep 04, 2019 5:13 pm
by tuco
Pick a fight? You could respond to my argument, which is clear and of impeccable logic. However, you probably realized that not even your command of the language could get over it so you choose to .. cool story. Pick a fight lol Wanna be on the list? Just say so. No problem for me. Pick a fight wtf

edit: Let's play this out because I feel generous.

Person A: <insert critique Islam>
Person B: That is racist. <insert some remarks or arguments>
Person A: Islam is not a race.

How does it address the accusation of racism? It does not address the merit of the critique at all, it does not say why the critique is not racist. It merely points out the obvious. How is it sane? It's impossible to explain its sane.

edit1: and yeah you are on the list because you are too proud to ask. Fuck this bullshit.